Nunu rework

It would be nice if you reworked nunu, so he was like jayce which can switch between meele form and ranged form. Passive: Everytime Nunu uses an ability he eats a snowball giving him a small amount of mana. This ability does so Nunu doesn't stay in the same form all the time. So with his passive its better to shift forms a lot, so he gets mana and doesn't run out of mana. Willump / Nunu meele Q: Nunu bites / eats an enemy target. He steals some of the enemys health and it scales on health. So when Nunu buy tank he will be more effective. Willump / Nunu meele W: Nunu stands still for a second greating a small mountain. Rightclicking on the mountain makes him jump on the mountain and then you can use it again to jump down from the mountain landing on the enemy causing a mini-stun. The mini-mountain disapears 1 sec after Nunu jumps down from it. Willump / Nunu meele E: Nunu can activate this ability where he steals hp from an enemy target each time he basicattacks it. Every basicattack causes Nunu to take a small amount of mana. The child / Nunu ranged Q: (skillshot) Nunu throws a snowball in the air and after a short moment it lands on the place nunu used it on slowing and damaging the enemy. The child / Nunu ranged W: (target select) Little guy on top of nunu points at an enemy champion and makes the yeti he sits on run faster when he is running after that champion. The child / Nunu ranged E: The child takes his hood off for 2 seconds. Giving him increased vision over a small area. Nunu Ultimate: With this ability you can switch between meele and ranged form with Nunu. When Nunu is ranged the little guy at the top throws snowballs with his basic attacks and when nunu are meele the yeti punches with his basic attack. Gameplay: Nunu is a toplaner / jungler. I think this is a really nice idea and it would be really cool if a rioter responded. My name is Jakob, I'm 14 and you can check my youtube channel out if you want: The Humping Squirrel If you are gonna respond on my gramma and not the actual post. Don't. I'm only 14 and live in Denmark so my english is average. I would be glad if you gave me critic on the actual post.
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