Illaoi Skin Vote Results and Observation

THIS POST DOES NOT ENCOURAGE HATE TOWARDS RIOT GAMES NOR DO I DISLIKE THE COMPANY, THIS IS MERELY MY THOUGHTS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (ALSO ITS NOT A POST COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SKIN THAT WON) Hello everyone I am a 1 trick that managed to make it to diamond last season only using {{champion:26}}. As a 1 trick {{champion:26}} I thought all the skins {{champion:420}} fans were offered were all pretty good and I honestly didn't have a problem with the results nor do I have a problem with the other skin options she was presented. The problem I had with the whole skin voting system was that ANYONE could vote. I thought the whole point of giving {{champion:420}} a new skin was to honor her loyal fans not to just let anyone vote. You must be wondering why I mentioned I am a 1 trick but that's because I understand how {{champion:420}} mains or 1 tricks feel about their champ, it's the sole reason they play the game. My friends told me which skin they voted however none of them EVER play {{champion:420}} nor do they have any interest in playing her. I chose not to vote since at the end of they day I won't buy the skin since I 1 trick {{champion:26}} and I believe only {{champion:420}} mains or 1 tricks deserve to vote since they will most likely buy the skin and that they identify {{champion:420}} as "their champion". A recommendation for Riot is to only allow accounts with mastery level 5 or higher with {{champion:420}} to vote for which skin they would like. I understand lots of people play a lot of league, may have mastery level 5 or higher with her that don't main or 1 trick her however I believe if Riot COULD do something like this in the mere future, they only allow people to vote based on the mastery of the champion receiving the skin. I just think it would be a lot more fair towards the {{champion:420}} mains if the vote was like that and if Riot did an event similar to this where an individual champ receives a skin it would potentially make them more money. If you have any other ways you think the vote could have taken place please comment down below and respect mine and others opinion on the matter. Thanks for your time.
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