New player's most asked questio: Kai'sa is a Assasin or Adc???

Once post 20 min team fights start, kaisa's job is to stay behind and W, stay behind and again W, let your team face burst into enemy team...once enemy carry is tagged with plasma and peeling to stay alive just YOLO ulti to that carry and auto once then E while Q-ing and then another auto. Plasma burst done and enemy is dead. So is kaisa a assasin? We do stay aware of pesky assasin and keep them in check from killing our carry and get out. So kaisa is doing the same and once carry is dead the fight is won. Seriously...should we just ignore other enemies and wait for kaisa to jump in and shove all our cc on her ass? Its disgusting that she can just double auto and Q to kill a target. Tell me any other adc who can do that.
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