Does Yasuo's Windwall mechanic block too many things?

Okay so this is just as the title implies, I'm just looking for thoughts and opinions. I'm not necessarily looking for nerfs but maybe some clarity. I used to main a Nami support and for some reason never noticed it before this week, but Yasuo's windwall blocks Nami's Q (her bubble stun). I also have a friend who mains a Heimer who noticed that it also blocks Heimer's grenade. To me personally it bugs me that an ability that "lobs" something in an arc'd trajectory gets blocked by windwall. It literally appears to go over it, not through it, yet it simply blocks and cancels the ability. From a visual as well as just a gameplay perspective, this just doesn't make since. Shouldn't you be able to "lob" an ability over the windwall and hit Yasuo? This isn't really an OMG NERF YASUO post. Just wondering if this mechanic has bugged anyone else but me and my friend.
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