Been gone from League for ~6 months. Here’s what I’ve learned.

.... That practically everything I’ve said / warned against in my last few posts and comments on the board here, have come to pass. ##Runes Reforged was a big mistake, and ruined champ / build diversity. ##Riot keeps nerfing / changing champ balance too much, causing instability of the meta and ruining off-meta for some, and completely dumpstering champs for others. I keep up to date on league gameplay game state news every few weeks. Seems like things are getting worse and worse lately around here. It pains me to see a game I once played over 3,000 hours of in one season, go to shit so fast. Feels like Riot has given up on any semblance of game “balance” and has opted instead for “change for the sake of change”. At this point, you should just take whatever Meddler and/or GC say, and believe the opposite is true. Because they and the rest of upper management at Riot don’t seem to give a flying fuck about long term players in League, and are opting instead for milking all they can from the game for short term esports cash cow.
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