The BE system that nobody asked for.

TLDR at bottom: Does anyone honestly feel like the BE system is an upgrade from the old one? Because I felt like it was more of a downgrade. IP was consistent, and didn't need you to get lucky with champion shard drops to be effective. Right now, the truth is if you buy each and every champion using BE from disenchanted shards the IP system was better, straight up. Also, the BE system heavily punishes players who play multiple games a day to grind currency. Ip system had first win of the day too, but the current first win of the day is way more powerful. That's a good thing for players who only play 1-2 game a day, they actually get more currency than before. This is a horrible thing for players who binge multiple games, as this powerful first win of the day is used to balance BE gains, so you actually gain less currency per game played if you play multiple games a day. Back to the main problem with BE, consistency. It's impossible to know how much BE each level up will give me, not only do I have RNG from the game length (exp gains) I also have to deal with RNG from champion capsules? I know the gains eventually even out over many levels, because of bad luck protection, but that only goes to show how inconsistent it truly is, because levelling up is not exactly easy to do, especially when you're at certain levels, where levelling is particularly hard. Let's say I get screwed 200 BE on a capsule cuz of bad luck, but I make it up at the next level. That either means I have to play 8 more games to level up, (the old IP system would require 4~5 games) OR I have to play 1 game a day for 4 days, to get the 50 BE/day from daily quest. Does anyone else feel equally frustrated at this? I mean, I already own all champions (since before BE was released), and I find this system frustrating. I cannot imagine how much worse it is for people who DONT own many champions. I really like the level up system, riot. But Can you not tie it to BE? Can we please make BE gained after every game, instead of after a level up? Some might say: "what is the point of leveling up if it doesn't give BE?". It gives plenty of other things. The number shows how much you played league, and how long you've played. It differentiates a fresh level 30, from an experienced player (something the old system didn't do). You also get Emotes and borders for leveling up, which also feel good. The leveling system can also be tied to upgrading masteries 6 and 7 on champs, instead of forcing players to use BE/IP/currency to upgrade their mastery to 6/7. **TLDR : current BE system SUCKS compared to the old IP system. Give us consistent BE after a game is played. The leveling system is good, tie it to champion mastery 6/7/emotes/lobby borders.**
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