I just do not understand Ryze

This is not a complaining thread I really just dont understand what to do about this champion. I will say 2 games in ranked yesterday (high plat) I went against Ryze and his team did win both of these games. Now I did poorly in 1 game 3/6/3, but our bot lane was also 1/8 and 1/6 so that did not really help, but the other I did pretty decent going 7/4/6 but he still was just so tilting to play against. I do not see ryze often, but he is just so oppressive against melee mid champions or at least my main guy {{champion:245}}. Things are fine from the start of the lane, but only until he goes back once and then he is completely unstoppable and I just have to stay back and try to farm, and I say try because I can only farm or push with Q and end up missing a lot due to not because able to last hit unless I want to suffer the wrath of empowered Q from my minions being hit. I cant going in on him because of his point and click snare, and with phase rush he's running around way to fast to even think about landing my W on him. and its hard to predict if he will move 1 way or the other as its so easy for him to come at you using his abilities or kite you using his abilities. I get he may not be that big of a problem with other champions I just dont see the need for him to have a snare ability anymore at least not a point and click snare. I am sitting here playing against this champ thinking to myself all I hear on the boards is how "gutted" this champion was and here he is shitting on me and his damage is absolutely insane with only mana (which I think we need to get rid of mana = + damage champions as a whole not talking about seraph or muramana I am talking about Ryze and Kassadin). Building mana for damage is just a ridiculous concept but that is besides the point. What is ryze's defined weakness I am not seeing it, or seeing this "gutted" champion with an abysmal win rate the board likes to talk about.
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