Item Stats By Champion Class

I've seen a lot of comments lately about items being a big source of problems for the game lately. However, one of the issues with changing items (as opposed to nerfing or buffing a champion) is that each change affects every champion that uses the item, creating a cascading spider web of new changes. So in the interest of making things slightly simpler, I took a minute to list out what I think are the three most important stats for a champion, based on which class they are (as per [this]( list). I kind of guessed at a few, since I'm not familiar with everything and I'd like people's input so I can correct the list. Theoretically, having such a list will provide a baseline for looking at items and determining what we want it to do and who we want it to be for. Stats are listed in no particular order, but ideally they'd be presented as most important to least important. (resistances refer to armor and/or magic resist) --- **TANKS** **Vanguards** - resistances, health, cooldown **Wardens** - resistances, health, cooldown _Not a lot to say here. All Tanks want to absorb as much damage as they can and crowd control people as frequently as possible._ --- **FIGHTERS** **Juggernauts** - health, attack damage, resistances **Divers** - attack damage, health, attack speed (???) _Mordekaiser and Elise stand out as Fighters that want to build ability bower. Also not sure about attack speed for Divers. They all seem to synergize with it, but many of them rely on built-in steroids rather than buying attack speed items._ --- **SLAYERS** **Assassins** - ability power / attack damage, movement speed, cooldown (???) **Skirmishers** - attack damage, attack speed, crit chance (???) _Unlike Fighters, Assassins seem fairly even split between attack damage and ability power. I have listed cooldown reduction and crit chance as ideal stats but I don't feel very confident about them. For those who can actually play Slayer champions, educate me!_ --- **MAGES** **Burst Mages** - ability power, mana, cooldown **Battle Mages** - ability power, mana, health **Artillery** - ability power, mana, cooldown _A few champions break the mold. Rumble and Vladimir don't require mana and Jayce builds attack damage._ --- **CONTROLLERS** **Enchanters** - cooldown, heal & shield power, ability power **Catchers** - cooldown, health (???), ability power (???) _I don't know what to do with Catchers. Seems like half of them want to build tank and the other half want to build ability power? Also worth pointing out, 'heal & shield power' stacks with ability power the same way attack damage does with attack speed. Might be related to current problems._ --- **MARKSMEN** **Marksmen** - attack damage, attack speed, crit chance _I have a template and I will stick to it. Don't judge me._
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