It's okay to have simple champions

I&#039;ve noticed a scary trend with recent champions and reworks (the ryze rework is what prompted me to finally say something), and it&#039;s that new champions are getting more and more needlessly complex (see: azir, gnar, bard, etc.). I&#039;m entirely okay with that, just not when every single addition is new player-unfriendly and old champions that would be new player-friendly are meanwhile being reworked in the same way. Like... can I just get some assurance that not every new champion from here on out + reworks is going to consist of extreme attempts at trying something new to the point where there are only <5 pick up and play champions in the game? PS: I don&#039;t even think the ryze rework is bad (he definitely needed one), it&#039;s the fact that Riot is moving towards unnecessary complications in champion kits as a whole; innovation is fine, just not when it applies to both new champions and champions that were previously new player-friendly. A lot of people are misinterpreting what I'm saying. I like innovation and new things being added to the game, but I'm worried the innovation is going too far since it's treading into old champion territory and not just new ones.
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