Does the matchmaking system try to keep you at 50% W/L by giving you weak teammates after a streak?

It seems like whenever I get on a long run of 5+ wins (had a 10 game win streak recently on another acct) I start getting awful teammates who are completely outclassed in their lanes. I'm a support main, and let me just say there isn't a DAMN THING I can do to stop an 8 kill mid laner at 10 minutes. Especially someone like zed, or Lb who are super slippery and can now blow up myself or the ADC (or both of us) in one combo, under our turret, then poof they are gone. Then guess what, the mid laner and his jungle duo lover, who is also 0/6 keeps voting 'no', holding me hostage in a lost game. Guess who fed people love crapping on, supports (even the "tank" supports, don't get enough gold early to become an actual tank). It also doesn't help that there are 50 champs that can murder me if I get close enough to the bush they are hiding in to place my ward. It seems like my team is being setup like I'm supposed to carry trash from the support role, that isn't how it works.
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