Q Cooldown Nerf Hurts Mid Taliyah more than Jungle Taliyah

The PBE just updated with a nerf of Taliyah’s Q, Threaded Volley, increasing its early cooldown from 9/7.5 to 11/9.5. This change will nerf midlane Taliyah, who barely sees play anywhere, more than they will the overpowered Jungle Taliyah. Jungle Taliyah relies on her strong scuttle control through single-target Q, early tempo through passive movement speed, and strong level advantage exploitation because of her high base damage. She also synergizes very well with an Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, which fits the jungle’s lower economy and enables reliable ganking. Her cooldowns are certainly part of her power budget, but they aren’t its main feature. Midlane Taliyah has long cooldowns during lane. Threaded Volley was her only sub-ten second cooldown for lane. Since waves come every thirty seconds, the PBE change from 9 to 11 seconds at rank 1 is the difference between 3 Q’s per wave and 2 Q’s per wave. It’s a 1/3 decrease of her potential to harass her opponent before Level 4—more if she ever uses Q on the wave. The difference between the roles is important. Midlane Taliyah disappeared because Jungle Taliyah was so good that high-elo players switched her roles, even though she was still viable midlane. Junglers and even non-junglers started playing Taliyah jungle for freelo. Were Jungle Taliyah nerfed into line with other junglers through changes targeted at the power budget I mentioned above, midlane Taliyah would re-appear. Therefore, Riot, please target needs to her jungle performance, rather than her midlane. She doesn’t deserve to be Nidalee’d into the jungle. Everyone else, show your support for targeting Taliyah nerfs to her jungle performance here!
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