As a 300k mastery g2 jax player, Jax shouldn't scale so hard so quick.

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Can you even call it scaling? He kind of has a pretty capable early game, spikes at sheen and again at tri, then every item thereafter escalates him. The disparity between winrates in the matchups he wins vs the ones he loses are well above the curve. While I think he is a good counter to whats been meta for awhile, and hes always been a linchpin for top lane I want to say he gets quite a bit more leeway than what should be allowed. Nerfing his kit isnt the answer, but maybe nerfing Conq, Triforce or sterakks might be decent starts, as all of these things are well overtuned. I'm not gonna go into the details on what I think should be done, but I will point out that champs that build tri sterakks do have a certain set of advantages over those who dont.
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