No longer able to experiment

Yup you can no longer experiment new champs or roles with actual ppl. Please do not tell me to go to custom/ training tool cus bots are ugly and are not real. Regardless. testing jg I main top; im in blind btw, but that doesn't matter cus ahh try hards on a 4 man call were loving annhilating my team. So again no longer able to test new roles/champs without losing your shit over the fact that these 4 ppl have everything down to the dot because they literally on a mic speaking to eachother. Why not go draft? shit idk cus they love torturing ppl like me in blind lol. We need a new game mode for new roles/ champs that is limited to duo and under. Shit maybe not even duo. It would be nice to know you're not alone playing something new and knowing that you did not lose the game, cus they were on point with their 4 man ganks bot lane or objective priorities. i don't know man. It just doesn't seem right to me.
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