how can u carry low elo as a adc

every fucking time i do well bot boom everyone gang bangs bot lane now. usually i wont die but 3 flashes and ults and tower diving gets a little hard to avoid all the time. eventaully they will kill me once and then its over.. they take tower then dragon then they go mid or top rape that lane and gg they snowball. all from one god damn gank. sure i can try to farm up get 2 -3 items and carry haha wrong by the time i get to farm up my team died a total of 22 times so everytime i catch up they give out free gold by always dying and bitching omg adc isnt here we cant win fights like do u players not realize what happens to a adc who gets tower dove camped loses tower before 10 mins all because ur jungler mid laner and maybe even top laner didnt care to gank a lane pushed under turret all lane phase? i mean its free gold for a jungler to gank a overextended bot lane why u do always choose to gank lanes that are way harder to be succesful at? ADC can only have a impact it seems 35-40 mins in when ur team finally chooses to group but then u have that 1 or 2 people still salty and get caught out flame and now u lose baron back to square 1 adc sucks total ass right now but the majority of the reason is because teams to refuse to play the game around protecting the carry and getting the carry fed

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