How does a short ranged ADC play around Malph Ult?

Just got steamrolled by a NON-AP full tank Malph as Kalista. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of short of simply RUNNNING when I saw Malph but I could not stop him Ulting me. Her passive dash isn't far enough to avoid, if I miss flash by even a millisecond I lose, and sometimes if the Malph anticipated the flash I am still ulted. And with his combo I am dead before I land from the knockup. And that is with NO AP in his build. The best I had was to stay far enough back that I couldn't attack anyone and wait for him to use it on someone else but that just lets the enemy win basically EVERY team fight. HOW do I play around it? I am seriously asking for advice here. I am not just complaining I want to learn how to deal with this cause if it was as broken as it appears it would be abused in pro play and in higher elos but its not so I am missing something and need help seeing it. And yes I realize that Kalista is currently considered a bad ADC but the new Sanguine Blade as a first item seems to REALLY help net some early kills if you play around it's passive correctly.
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