A Message from Somebody who Got banned for Cheating

Yeah, I script. Go ahead and downvote or whatever. I played the game normally up until season 6 and I just straight up hated the game at that point and what Riot had done to it so I started scripting. It was extremely fun and pretty addicting and I got away with it for two years until recently when my account got banned ( which was completely deserved obviously). I am just here to share a couple things about it. It is incredibly easy to script. Like it honestly takes 0 knowledge of computers and I could show you in about 10 seconds. With that said, The scripting community i was in had hundreds of thousands of members. So if you think someone is scripting in your game, they most likely are. It is a lot more common then you think it is. Scripts do more then just aim skill shots and dodge them for you. There are scripts that will use mini map hacks, use items and summoners for you, potions, skin changers, and I even made one where it would spam your mastery 6 or 7 emote every single time you auto attacked or casted a spell and I called it Tiltmote. I promise you at least 20 percent of players use one of these. Scripting makes you good but not great. I was Gold 3 without scripting and Got all the way to D2 with scripting. It makes you really good mechanically but absolutely terrible game knowledge wise and with your decision making. You think you are a god and make retarded decisions that lose you games. I will not reveal who these players are but there are popular streamers who use scripts that you would not expect as i have collaborated with them once i got high Diamond for duoing. Scripting databases have a "streaming mode" so you can stream normally and it won't show any of it on screen. Most people won't believe me but it is true unfortunately. I have developed about 25 scripts, and about 8 of them have over 50000 downloads My days of scripting are over and I deserved the ban 100 percent. I will play the game normally from now on starting in bronze 5 on this account. If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I dont mind if I get downvote whore'd. Most people hate scripting i get that EDIT : For the Mods reading this who deleted it last time. I have not given a single detail on how to script only information pertaining to it and why you shouldn't do it and why i was banned. If anything it will deter people from doing it so please dont remove my post. I won't be telling people how do do anything or giving out any info. It is purely game knowledge based. EDIT2 : My Clear intention of this is to do everything in my power to get scripting out of the game and make this game as enjoyable as possible. If Riot would like to collaborate that would be the best case scenario but for the time being I am just trying to improve the game I love so much EDIT3 : This post has obviously blown up pretty big so I will do my best to answer every single comment in the comment section. It may take time though as I do have a life outside of being a cheating Pleb (Kappa) EDIT4: Please don't comment if you just have negative things to say. I understand its frustrating that I did this and that people like this exist and do this currently, but there isn't a reason to be toxic or rude. Most people can and would of done the same thing in my position unfortunately had they had the resources and thats what I don't want to happen
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