Unpopular opinon: I don't watch it, I don't care about it but now I hate it

Normally I never bothered with Worlds. It was always that time of the year when balance for SoloQ was a bit wacky but at the same time interesting to see which champs were played at their full potential in the respective meta. But now balance has been so bad throughout the whole season and you could even argue for the past 2 years (ardent censor meta for month's, adc item rework 2x failure, and so much more) that I am totally burned out of playing an unbalanced game that I don't look forward to Worlds. I even hate it now. All I want is to enjoy League by playing it myself. I don't care about the pro's and Worlds. For months Riot has ignored some oppressive champs and at the same time deliberately overbuff balanced champs just for pro play further screwing over 99,99% of its playerbase and on the other side of the spectrum completely delete champs from the game because 'they aren't interesting enough to watch' so rip their mains. For months every fucking game we all ban the same champs and pick the same champs over and over again because if anything becomes viable that isn't interesting for pro play it gets gutted. Riot is actively enforcing an unbalanced meta on its playerbase to sell to game to viewers. Garen, Yorick and Sejuani, Shen become strong picks even though they have plenty of bad matchups and are easily counterable --> Nerf them they are not flashy enough. An underused champ like Urgot breaks through and becomes meta in pro play in detriment of more flashy meta picks --> On the watch list to get nerfs. Then we have champs like Graves, Kasai, Jhin, Yasuo, Vladimir, Kayn, Camile, Ahri, Allistar who are fucking overtuned for months left untouched because the belong to the holy group of champs that are deemed worthy for Worlds and viewership. Then Maple Nectar tries to sell us World patch as "the happy patch because there are plenty of buffs". Champs like Darius, Lucian, Pyke, Rengar, Kassadin, Lee, Kha Zix who are already sitting on a 50%+ winrate and are quite strong already --> Deliberately overbuff them to enforce them into pro play because of flashy Worlds plays. Again RIP soloQ. If they would buff Lissandra, Ivern, Kayle, Karthus, Nasus, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Orn, Ryze, Rammus, Rek'Sai, Blitzcrank, Leona, Volibear, Amumu, Zac nobody would say a word because when was the last time you saw these champs getting picked or thought "well they seems OP they should get nerfed". Orn, Ryze, Zac, Ivern, Poppy, Rek'Sai are all kept weak because they are deemed toxic for pro play and the other champs are forgotten champs. I am not going to just blame everything on the balance team. It is pretty clear they are getting orders from above to prioritize viewership. Meddler even said this: "Worlds on 8.19 We've got our second and final round of balance changes with more focus than usual on pro play in 8.19. It'll be the Worlds patch, so we're also leaning towards conservative changes generally. As a recap the principles we're approaching Worlds balance with are: - An interesting and fun to watch experience is most important from a viewer perspective. - A diverse meta's good, but not as important as interesting matches (better low diversity and exciting games than high diversity and slow, uneventful play repeatedly) - No champions should be 100% pick/ban, or very close to it - No major disruption (minimal systemic changes especially, changes to individual champs especially are more appropriate) - While we're putting more attention into pro balance for the next couple of patches, ideally any changes made should be positive for regular play as well. If not they should at at minimum not be highly harmful to regular balance. That's the case in particular when it comes to buffing champs, with a fair number we believe could buff into pro play relevance but only by making them inappropriately strong for regular players." I would have no problems in playing a few wacky patches because of pro play and league viewership trying to sell the game if for the rest of the year the game would be in a fun and balanced state but when the general state of the game has been SHIT for 2 years I can no longer accept this. Riot's priority should be to fix the game already. Create a fun and healthy gameplay experience and propperly balance champs around that idea. Towers being shit is even a meme now. We all know they are shit and Riot already said they will buff them but we have to endure a couple of more months with shitty gameplay because Worlds. Same goes for every balance change that needs to happen and will happen like nerfs to Kasai, Graves etc but we have to sit out a couple of more months. How is Riot selling this to 99% of its playerbase?? Is it that suprising that so many people burned out from league? Riot's big selling point was always that the #1 priority were the players but they have actively changed this. Worlds and League viewership on twitch are their #1 priority. But I will end with this. If a game is fun to play it is probably fun to watch. If a game is fun to watch but not fun to play you will not get far.

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