This game has been dumbed down so hard it's disgusting

unpopular opinion probably, I don't care Runes reforged fucked this games core so hard I don't know if it can ever recover. Yeah sure we're getting to select our own runes again which is basically what we were doing for the past 5 fucking years, but for some reason that eluded runes reforged for all of season fucking 8. No one fucking asked for runes reforged, all you had to do was make all existing runes free and compensate people who had spent time buying old runes. You could of just added a few more keystone masteries to the existing trees, THEN YOU MAY HAVE HAD DIVERSITY you fucking idiots Damage is way to fucking high still, every champion has been buffed to shit, Kha for example, "worlds buff" two patches ago or something, like why, why the fuck did he need extra damage, Pyke mains saying he doesn't need more damage on his ultimate but gets it anyway, Viktor sitting in the shit hole mid lane for I don't know how fucking long, all of a sudden turns up in the top lane doing good, but instead of nerfing why he's dominating top, you're hurting mid lane Viktor to and not even buffing that properly Irelia/Akali have been abominations since they've been reworked, where the fuck are there proper nerfs? BETTER BUFF ZOES DAMAGE BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVENT LEARNED HOW TO PLAY HER TO HER EXTENT YET Balance team doesn't know there own hands from there asses, terrible balancing philosophies that are so fucking out of touch with what the game actually needs People that are bad at this game, are actually thriving in this season because all they need to do is learn how to do damage to someone. Barely anyone fucking cares about macro that much anymore Downvote me to shit idc, but balance team needs a turn over of new people that actually care about the game
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