PSA to All Bronze

Trading 1 for 1 is NOT WORTH. (your deaths hurt your team more than your kills help it. Getting sumns is the exception. If you trade 1-1 but get their Flash/Barrier/??? it's a good trade.) It is most likely NOT your jungler's fault. Games are won by objectives, not just kills. Teamwork makes the dream work. Mid is not a solo lane. (the better you do the more you sense this makes. The jungler will gank you. Do not tunnel vision your lane opponent just because he is the only one you see at the time.) CS is everything. Don't stop CSing just because one team fight happens. Dear god, stop wasting wards, learn when/where to ward. See lower comments to figure out what wasted wards are. And yes, there are wasted wards. (People who ward river bush or a bush they are sitting in at 00:30) NEW STAT from the patch tells you just how helpful your warding was to the team and how well you denied vision. (Better buy some reds.) Mute Toxic People. MTP FTW And to wrap it all up. **_YOU AND EVERYONE IN YOUR RANKED GAMES IS BAD. STOP FLAMING YOUR TEAM WHEN YOU'RE ALL BAD_** (Including me.)
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