How a MAN Plays

(See also: "How a Woman or a Kid Who's Really Good At League Plays") {{summoner:12}} to put you on the front lines, whenever and wherever they're drawn. {{summoner:1}} to stymie BS Ignites. If you're gonna take me down, you're gonna earn it. {{summoner:4}} **is something real men don't use.** Men are tacticians. They pick their moments carefully, and when they go in, they already know what the outcome will be. Men are proud. If they make a mistake and get caught out, they deal with the consequences. I haven't run Flash in two and a half years, and I've become a better player for it. It's taught me, and continues to teach me, that there are consequences for making mistakes. It's conditioned me to take risks only when I see a clear opportunity, and to avoid chasing too far. And I have documented proof that running Ignite makes one's game weaker. Since I've started running Cleanse, I've gotten a counter-kill under my turret at least once every other game. The mentality of "slip in, drop Ignite, easy kill" is so ingrained in League culture that they do it without even thinking. They'll always peel off, thinking Ignite will do their dirty work and they'll get the trade kill. Turns out it's only the other guy who goes down. I've actually had people ask me what Cleanse even is. I don't think people are aware there's a way to negate Ignite. I'm here to suggest to all League players to start taking the summoners of a man. Up your game by letting go of the newbie crutches that got you through your early days. You're experienced. You're wise. You're grizzled. It's time to take off the training wheels. You're too much of a badass to be carrying Flash and Ignite. It's time to roll up your sleeves. It's time to let your champion mechanics do the dirty work. It's time to man up.
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