Seriously Riot, can't you do one big thing WITHOUT screwing up a small yet crucial detail of it?

New leveling system, runes revamp, all that was about time, I even approve of the mox of IP and Blue Essence and level rewards to make the game more accessible for new players. It's all quite awesome, thought out and whatever... and then you fuck it over with the hyper-downsized refund. Hell I grinded my ass off for spellvamp quints back in S2, and I feel honestly cheated here. Why is it always like that Riot? Every time you deliver a big package, you screw up. But not in the overly complex areas where one could at least understand and tolerate such a screw-up, given that it's going to be fixed sooner or later, but in one of the most simple categories in a way that could have been the most predictable. I think the problem is that Rioters don't really need the crafting or currency system. They are literally the company that gives out skins and other content, how should they know if prices and numbers feel unfair or not? They can just ask someone to put the content on their account.
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