I'm just going to put it out there, Windwall is toxic and needs changes

we have plenty of Yasuo hate on here, but honestly I don't hate Yasuo. I don't hate that he's freakishly mobile. Riven does the same thing without need minions and has CC on top of it to boot that is far more reliable than Yasuo's. Riven can do that and blow you up in the duration of the CC if she's good enough at animation cancelling. What I want to say though is this champion is constantly left underpowered and hard to balance because they refuse to touch windwall. Windwall needs changes if its going to exist because that is without a doubt what makes him the most frustrating champ to play against. Anything else in his kit really has a lot of counter play. but for ranged champs vs Yasuo there is no counterplay to be zoned out for 4 fucking seconds. (technically 3.75, but i digress) I may be biased as I main ADC, but I feel literally useless vs a Yasuo that is remotely competent. Even a feeding enemy Yasuo who doesn't have anything to contribute damage wise to his team is still insanely useful to his team because of the windwall mechanic and how long it lasts. ADC walks up, FACE THE WIND, and now adc has to choose "do I try to walk past that wall to deal damage, do i try to around to the side? can I even fucking do that without dying" or "well I'll wait for this to end." If you choose the latter and your team was the one who engaged you just straight up lose that fight. it was a small mistake by your front line to go in with windwall up, but they did. your ranged backline is zoned (both mages/adcs alike) and now for 4 seconds the enemy gets FREE dps on your front line. that is what makes it so frustrating to me personally. its toxic because of how LONG it lasts. if windwall was used as a timed skill ability to block one key combo or even a slew like say...Fiora W? then it wouldn't feel nearly as bad. And its not because of an "overloaded" kit. It's not because "oh you can put windwall on another champion with 4 seconds and it'd be fine, just Yasuo already has too much power". No, the ability itself is insanely strong and toxic to play against. If anything if you put windwall on any OTHER champion that champion instantly becomes the most op broken shit in the game because the rest of Yasuo's kit quite frankly is NOT that good. He's mobile, but squishy, he deals a fuck ton of damage, but he has to be in your face to do that. He has no defensive steroid besides his passive shield, and he offers really no CC outside of his ult follow up and nado which is not even consistently available. Unless you play this champion to perfection, his kit is just not worth it without windwall. And that is my point. If Riot is looking at Yasuo, just gut the windwall. either remove it, significantly lower its duration, or even have it only block X number of projectiles before it dissipates. Something besides the current iteration. TLDR, I don't think Yasuo is op by any means, if anything I think he's a mediocre champion overall due to his risky playstyle, but Windwall is a broken mechanic that needs to be changed.
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