people are so incredibly sensitive now

i mean, it's 17 minutes in the game, i'm supporting, and not one of my teammates has more that 70 farm. i say ONE thing "wow you guys cant farm lol" suddenly {{champion:103}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:22}} REPORT SUPP FOR BEING TOXIC so then i say "what was toxic about that lol, it's true. you should be aiming for 50 farm by 10 minutes, 70 or less at 17 minutes is not good" "keep it up toxic riot's gonna ban you when you get 9 reports" sigh. you know, i get that people don't like that jerk who rages all game and says nothing helpful and just slings insults. but really, me saying nobody knows how to farm when its TRUE is NOT toxic. its TRUTH. so pls. if you're one of those people who flies off the handle and rages/threatens to report over even the slightest criticism **please stop playing the game**

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