how are people having a hard time climbing in ranked, and blaming it on teammates? Im not buying it.

so here was my account before it got banned gold 4 to d4 in 25 days, 7 winstreak to diamond 4, was on my way to masters :( here's my current account I was bronze 1 15 games ago. now I'm gold 4 already. I'll also be making a new account next week because of riot's missions giving an extra 300 exp per win, and I have no doubts I'll have over 60% win rate to diamond, even higher because {{champion:154}} revert coming next patch :D Guys how is anybody at all who is having trouble climbing, Actually 100% seriously blaming it on team mates or riot's matchmaking, how many unranked to challenger series do they need before they understand that they are the only reason they aren't climbing. I am not suggesting that you don't work hard in terms of playing games, But I'm trying to tell you, if you grind grind grind grind, you will be stuck the rest of the season, or you will barely make it. people do not hit challenger grinding 300 games, hell they don't even have 300 games. I know, I know "Ouch, ay man whatever you wanna say." IT'S THE TRUTH, grinding games and expecting to get better while blaming teammates isn't going to get you anywhere. **KILL THAT WORKERS MENTALITY**. _you value effort over execution._ for real. I love it, the low elo players, you think that just because you put in 100 hours, even though it was at 70% you think that's the same thing as _execution_, it's NOT nobody in my games calls out flash timers, guys the flash timer is 5:00, if your enemy flashes at 5:50 and you aren't typing in the chat, "mid flash 10:50" you aren't even allowed to talk trash about your teammates. look at that image in the right you'll see some green words, if your shit don't say "good vision" you are not allowed to complain. if your shit don't say "high kill participation" you are not allowed to complain. that means you are not even TRYING. it's really not hard to buy 10 control wards a game. IT'S NOT. it doesn't matter what role you're in, if you don't have "good vision" don't even complain about your rank _**IF YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING SILVER 2 WHEN YOU DESERVE GOLD 4**_ shut up, no, really what kind of goal is that? there is no meaningful difference between a silver 2 and a gold 4. I'm just gonna put a little checklist out here [ ] I call flash timers in chat, not ping it, but type the time 5 minutes from now [ ] I have "Good vision" on league of graphs [ ] I have over 60% kill participation average each game [ ] I gank other lanes at least once every 5 minutes [ ] I help my jungler do scuttle crab [ ] I have "Good crowd control" on league of graphs [ ] I have "good Cser" on league of graphs [ ] I use a site to track how well I'm doing [ ] I do rift herald every game / I don't forget about it and have it de spawn at 19:40 [ ] I look at the enemy to decide what boots I'm buying / general item optimization [ ] I ping for my team to do dragon [ ] do you get MVP/ACE on over 50% of your games? [ ] do you know where the enemy jungler is most of the time? (no, no you god damn don't, you don't know anything about jungle paths or where you last saw reksai, you don't know if they are top side or bot side, you don't even have the "good vision" on league of graphs how are you gonna know that. [ ] I try to invade every single game if you're not trying to invade every single game, I damn well know you aren't proactive, and you don't take any risks in games. _**YOU'RE UN DISCIPLINED**_ the individual games don't matter, I don't care that you can show me a game where you got MVP, "it's not about the intensity, it's about consistency, if you only go to the dentist twice a year your teeth will fall out, you have to brush them every day" climbing is an accumulation of lots and LOTS of little things, that any one of them by themselves is useless and unseen, you probably look at invading every game and say, "that won't win games" you're absolutely right, 1-3 kills is not going to make or break a game, but if you do it consistently, and you do it with lots of other things, like getting rift herald every game, every game that it de spawns at 20:00 and no team got it, you've failed, sure what's buying an extra ward gonna do? they're just gonna kill it and get 30 gp, yeah you're absolutely right. but hey at least while they're killing it, you can go do an objective on the other side of the map, at least it gave you some vision. What's one gank every 5 minutes? well it's a free flash/kill, and the better you get at it, the more confident you become as Zac support I'm ganking mid like every 2 minutes, I'm walking up to river and into their jungle just to use my champion as vision, my jungler just did raptors and is heading top? I tell him, that he's getting this scuttle by dragon right now. and help him do it here's a guide specifically for supports. AND PLEASE, OH GOD STOP WARDING THAT FUCKING RIVER BUSH. I don't even take wards on zac, I take red trinket, I usually stand in that river bush to get vision, or I'm out ganking mid and watching for the enemy jungler doing scuttle never ward the god damn tri bush if you have a full sight stone ready, you better be walking up to the enemies raptors, then to their red buff, and a ward in the river bush by mid lane Look basically, improve yourself, there are 10000 million little things you can improve, stop trying to climb by only 3 ranks, you better be aiming for diamond, I don't care if you're iron and for those people who have a diamond account but have another stuck in gold, you got lucky, and aren't pro active enough to carry.
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