The Annie Buff

The auto attack range is cool and all, but I think they should have at least buffed her Q range and buffed her E damage reduction. She’s weak against a lot of mid laners due to being out ranged and out-damaged in a lot of trades. Auto attack range is not helpful for her against these other laners that are able to get more range out and do more damage. Other laners have her new AA range with their abilities so she will always lose trades against those laners. Meaning she would have to get in their range to get poked with their abilities for little reward. Like Syndra Q'ing Annie and Annie only being able to auto attack her. It's pretty pointless. Her E just seems like it doesn't work. Like it's 100 degrees outside and the wind is 80 degrees. You can feel it, but it really doesn't help. I don't know if it's just me but I usually only use my E to get my passive proc off and hope I can mitigate a good amount of damage in a trade to survive an all in from assassins and burst mages.
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