How every LoL game is played

So here is how the outcome of each game is decided, a random coin is tossed if its head team A wins if its tails team B wins, now here's how the winning team goes: Winning team is fed 100/0 because of 1 lucky kill by some random OP, broken, no skill champion, being used by a smurf using hacks, winning team is taking no damage and 1 shotting the enemies Okay and here's how the game is going for team B: Everyone is autofilled Top lane: Top laner dies in a gank goes to all chat: "You needed 2 people to kill me get good at game 1 v 1 me again." The top laner loses the second 1 v 1 because of the enemy top laner kill advantage and lets enemy top laner snowball. They keep on 1 v 1 ing with enemy top laner winning Mid lane: Mid laner gets hit by a lot of skill shots due to poor positioning and gets burst down and gives away first blood. Goes to all chat: "YoU aRe ScRiPtInG." He then fails to CS at all, enemy mid laner roams and mid laner does nothing to punish, he constantly tells his team "ff 15" and spams random pings, at 15 he starts a surrender vote it gets thrown away since at that point everyone is doing good, mid laner afk's. ADC: Ints the whole game has 1 cs per hour and is being toxic Support: Steals ADC farm, tries to solo drag and fails, roams at bad moments and adc constantly dies, feeds other lanes, runs into 1 v 5 and dies, after arguing with each other for 10 minutes straight at fountain, both ADC and sup get into a mutual pact that states "The rest of our team is bad, better top, mid and jg wins, bot lane needs to be buffed, we are not responsible at all for this loss altho we are 0/100" Both are toxic. Jungle: A rematch between the jungler and krugs, jungler dies to krugs for the 100th time, maybe next game he could try taking a smite, a good build and the correct runes.
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