Rioters working on LeBlanc need to be more transparent

About 2 months ago, [Meddler stated that they wouldn't be reverting LeBlanc]( due to her being problematic: > In terms of reverting to old LB we did talk about that as an option. Conclusion was that since old LB was highly problematic too that wasn't the right call, creating additional work, balance cost and disruption without getting her closer to the right long term changes. Ironically, balancing old LeBlanc would create "additional work" but they've been dragging on a rework for months. I have a slight problem with his post: He did not indicate which aspects of her kit were problematic. I guarantee he was referring to her old WQR poke, but that's easily fixable. Just shift mark/detonation damage from 50/50 to 40/60 or less. Give her a minor buff to mana costs/W AP ratio/W radius/chain CC duration/anything to keep her overall strength similar and voila. Some other 'problems' he might've been referring to are her QW trading and late game insta-oneshots. LeBlanc's QW **is not an automatically won trade.** Instead of running away, enemies can easily trade once her skills are on CD. Watch Faker's 0/0/1 LeBlanc trade with a 0/1/0 Viktor. [Guess who wins?]( Maybe this is a greater problem in lower elos. But if Riot doesn't want low elo lane bullies, shouldn't Darius have been changed too? As for instant oneshots, I think that was a defining aspect of her gameplay. LeBlanc, unlike other assassins, has no on-demand invisibility or untargetability and compensated by being fast. Despite Riot's vision, being fast and fluid (i.e. not deception) was the _core element of her gameplay_. You could tell who was a good LeBlanc player by how smooth and decisive they could make her look. Faker was regarded as the best LeBlanc player because he could manipulate the champion with such ease and precision, **not because he was good at deceiving with her**. He knew the ins and outs of the champion better than anyone. [Is this not one of the most hype pentakills you've seen?]( Now, I have trouble differentiating between a good and great LeBlanc player. What even makes a good LeBlanc player? Whether they choose to mimic R(E) instead of R(Q)? The placement of their R(R) clone? LeBlanc is so boring to watch and much less exciting to play. Faker's signature champion is gone. If you gave me an anonymous gameplay video, I wouldn't be able to tell you if that was Faker or any other Challenger/Master tier player playing. > without getting her closer to the right long term changes. If by "long term changes" they mean counterplay, counterplay is not simply an indicator that states *I will deal damage to you in x seconds.* Old LeBlanc had well defined weaknesses such as lack of waveclear, high mana costs, dashing into melee range for early trades and waveclear, and weakness against grouped teams. This rework exchanged all that for new Sigil. Her new passive made her much stronger and arguably even more unhealthy than her old state. The biggest controversy is that LeBlanc was reworked for the sake of change, not to make her any more satisfying to play. If you look at other reworked champs (such as Poppy, Fiora, Sion, Galio, etc.), they all had small playerbases and (debatably) low skillcaps. Most importantly, they were champions that the majority of players agreed needed to be reworked. Their reworks made their kits more satisfying and interactive. LeBlanc had a large playerbase and high skillcap, and, in particular, was agreed to _not need a rework_. By many's standards, the new LeBlanc is much less satisfying to play/play against and is less interactive. Here is a list of [high elo player opinions on old vs reworked LeBlanc]( The complete lack of transparency/justification from Rioters makes me feel like nobody at Riot plays her, so nobody understands how she's really supposed to work. Over the years, the archetype of the champion grew to be fast, fluid ranged AP assassin. Instead of embracing this facet, it was actually removed with the justification of "deception" shoved down her throat. In one fell swoop, the LB playerbase was alienated because people played her to be an assassin, not a deceiver. Funny enough, I don't even feel as though I deceive the enemy when they accidentally blow a cooldown on my R(Q/W/E) clone. It feels like luck/enemy misplay. R(R) is just a glorified blue trinket and skillshot blocker. It doesn't fool anyone above plat. phroxz0n, ricklessabandon, Meddler, 20thCenturyFaux, please give this a read as you prepare for the upcoming LeBlanc changes. Much appreciated, {{champion:7}} mains everywhere.
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