Nasus needs buffs... but not like this.

Why more damage? The real problem with Nasus’s kit right now is that he’s USELESS lategame. As someone who has played a lot of Nasus... past 25 minutes he can threeshot anybody but there’s absolutely no way for him to actually get that damage on to anyone’s, you’re just scrambling around desperately trying to actually hit someone. If you really want to make this guy viable: **1. Give him MS towards Withered enemies, so that it’s harder to kite him. ** His number one problem is he has zero way of getting onto his target. This would fix that but it would be reliant upon being in casting range, wither cooldown, and then would only let him go in and only on one person. **2. Revert the Q cooldown on ultimate and instead give him tenacity, and one or two Q stacks every time he Qs a champion** Right now, Nasus basically can 1v1 anyone once he hits 6. Because as soon a second he gets access to that 1 second Q cooldown he just has way too much damage and can just brute force a win during a duel. I have taken on Fioras, Dariuses, and Jax’s after losing until 6, simply because once you have 6 you’re just a monster vs any melee champion by mashing Q and no amount of outplay of mechanical skill will win a duel vs a level 6 Nasus with the amount of damage he can put out. Make it so he has tenacity so he can’t be as easily kited lategame, while not being overwhelming in lane. Current R gives him instant huge damage at 6. If you give him a few stacks of Q every time you Q then it helps fulfill the lategame scaling fantasy where he gets more and more powerful the more he fights instead of just ‘farm and ignore my enemy laner until I have 6 where I just turn on R and run them down’ rinse and repeat.

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