Is there a difference between a 60hz TV vs a 144hz monitor ? I need expert technical advices plz

(french man from Quebec excuse my english) I think I have issues running League since day 1... I installed the game like 3-4 years ago and I play on my tv a 60hz 720p screen 8ms plugged in my computer tru hdmi.... At the beginning of each game my game stutter a little bit like 2 times a fraction of a second and I have a hard time csing and when I am in teamfight or laning I can get hit and loose health without seeing them hitting me or its like they move fast and I am always slow or late to react.... its worst on fast melee champs like Yasuo vs Yasuo in blind pick etc... I am a strong yasuo and I could kill and own gold - plat yasuo or others strong players on others champs but its like they move way faster than me on their screen and its late on mine etc its very hard to play not smooth like the streamers on youtube... for example I was fighting a hec with yas I had him with more health the moment I pressed Q to throw a tornado he flashed behind me and killed me I didnt even finished pressing my Q on my keyboard and I didnt see the tornado and he had no way of knowing where I'll throw and I was instantly dead etc it happen often all the time etc could it be lag spike ? Do I have ghosting and input lag on my tv ? my ping is 42-45ms stable and I think its laggy or I have connection issues cause I live far away from the league server because during the winter I saw my ping drop to 35-38ms and the game was better but I had the same issues... I play on a old keyboard too PS2 not usb not sure if it could cause issues... when I move a windows in windows I see ghosting on the side of the windows its not smooth like a 144hz monitor on my tv I think I could have that ghosting in league which make me miss my skillshot often or its input lag or normal lag etc I need advices thank you

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