Hear, hear, you top lane mains, I am doing you all a favor and making this FOOL PROOF SEASON 7 guide for each and every one of you. It's time to maximize the carry potential of your role, it's time to fully utilize your position, and win EVERY single game of League of Legends!!! (Where your teammates don't suck) I have been diamond since season 3 playing nothing but top lane, so I am more than qualified to write this guide. First, a little introduction, there are a few things you have to understand about top lane : 1. You are not supposed to win your lane Unless you are playing Riven or Camille you winning the lane means absolutely NOTHING, so don't even bother! Don't even bother picking Riven or Camille, cause you want the enemy to pick those so you can fully stomp them into the ground. 2. YOUR only goal is to get your jungler ahead Think of your enemy top laner as a special 300g camp for your jungler, the only thing is ... You have to prep that camp for him, you are your JUNGLER's bitch, either that or you are your enemy's jungler BITCH and trust me, you don't wanna be the latter cause you will actually lose the game. With junglers being so god damn broken that nowadays they take up 3/6 bans despite Le Blanc still being a Le Blanc (even after 3 years of Riot GAME reworks), your goal is to get your jungler ahead by manipulating the enemy top laner. **STRATEGY:** Summoner Spells : Teleport and Flash (Duh, if you thought it's gonna be something else you shouldn't top lane at all - only mid laners get to pick their summoner spells) Starting Items : Cloth / 4 pots, Long Sword / 4 pots, Corruption Potion / Doran Ring 2 pots DISCLAIMER : Never ever start doran shield / doran blade unless you are intentionally trying to lose the game Preferred Champions : Anything that has a stun or slow (the more the merrier) **STRATEGY:** (part2) Okay, now that we got the basic schematics out of the way, onto the actual strategy involved into this UNBELIVABLY overpowered tactic. IN the champion select you must tell your jungler the following : Start on the side opposite of me, RUSH top on level 3 I will let the enemy push! At this point pick your champion (it's better if you counterpick yourself and give that silly enemy top laner a false sense of confidence ha ha ha , he might actually think top lane counterpicks matter). **STRATEGY:** (part3) This is the bread and butter of this uncounterable strategy. You are going to play to not lose. You won't play to win , that just isn't worth it on top , you will play NOT to lose. Remember this and even repeat it inside your head. Even if enemy top laner is making tragic mistakes DO NOT attempt to fully engage on him - for all you know, he is baiting you so that the enemy jungler can come pick up 300g off of you by 1 shotting you!!!!! Whatever the match up is , you do not want to engage your top laner unless he's directly trying to tower dive you, use your sustain and back off farm. Remember - he is farming, which means he is pushing, which means your jungler can come top and f***k him up!!!!! Him farming is actually a good thing for you. You farming is a bad thing for YOU! If you really have to farm just last hit, never use your skills. DISCLAIMER: Don't even think about touching the first wave, pretend you're going to farm but don't, don't even last hit (I'm serious) also, try and get hit a few times so that your dumb ass enemy top laner ( who didn't read about this awesome strategy guide ) aggros the minions and pushes towards you, then spam ping your jungler to remind him of his promise about lv3 gank. Once your enemy top laner has pushed enough, ping your jungler where it's warded, or write in chat when he put the ward down and remember that wards last only 1 min so spam ping your jungler again after 1 min. Eventually your enemy top laner will die a few times to your jungler , unlocking him and making him able to do plays all over the map. Winning top is NOT good, you only get 300g for yourself, an useless top laner that only participates in the game after 20 minutes (unless he fed the enemy jungler in which case you're participating, but negatively ! ) THINK about it. 300g on you that will only be used against your top laner, or 300g on your jungler that will be used AGAINST THE ENTIRE MAP snowballing into infinite amounts once your jungler starts going around 2 shotting people including your top laner! **DO NOT WIN YOUR LANES, LET YOUR JUNGLER DO THE HEAVY WORK WHILE YOU PREP THE ENEMY TOP LANER FOR HIM!!!** ALSO BUILD FULL TANK NOTHING ELSE IS ACCEPTABLE OR ELSE ENEMY JUNGLER WILL HAVE AN EASY TIME DIVING YOU! GOOD LUCK!
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