Blitz/ARURF? why Rito?

I could care less about ranked and very rarely do I play summoners rift - for the sole reason that I don't ENJOY either of them. As for ARAM, I used to play it all the time but now, after Nexus Blitz and ARURF I find it quite boring - slow and tedious and an overall waste of my time. I couldn't tell you which I like better, ARURF or Blitz, but honestly, riot, if you kept them on in rotation I'm pretty sure your player base would only grow. They're the perfect, stress-free modes to end my day and I can play with friends of all skill levels and still have a good time. I don't think you'll lose the SR player base you already have, but for those like me - we only play league for fun - for the fast-paced, low-risk game modes and taking them away just means you're losing us. I might play an ARAM here or there, heck maybe even an SR like once a month but that's it. BRING BACK THE BLITZ<3 _**--Removed by Moderation--**_
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