League of Legends doesn't need more champions right now

Making more champions when there are still tons of bugs and imbalances with the ones he have now is ridiculous. We're on our 122nd champion. There are plenty of options for gameplay. Riot needs to settle down for a bit and figure out what is wrong with the game and fix it. There's obviously something wrong if there are champions that see the light of day 1/1,000 games. Poor Galio needs some love. And an equally big problem is champions that are at risk for skin cancer since they're in like every game. #SaveGragas, right? Also, Riot needs to stop looking at champions individually and take a gander at how the team comp affects the game. If you see a consistency that shoved out certain strategies or gameplay, then there is an issue. Something like CC. It's fine, but you can have a legit team comp that stacks CC and there's no way around it. You can get out of 4 at the most unless you're playing GP (and he's just 5) or Olaf. But you can easily have 14 difference CC on a single team. What's the counterplay? You get hit once and you can die quicker than you can press cleanse and use your escape. It's not fun. Work on it, Riot.
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