What I have been told by Zed mains on this board for the month

I'm going to quote direct comments I received. 1. His rise to power can be attributed more to the power trimming of the S tier mages and items over the past several patches. Zed did not receive buffs he got nerfs. 2. We had a damn near unplayable champ for 2 years that we held on to. While silly people kicked and screamed every time they managed to die to him in low elo. 3. Diamond: 1.6% of the players main Zed, so his winrate is justified. 4. Its your fault his energy is regenerating. (!!!?????) 5. You are low elo trash to be killed by Zed. Riot doesn't give a shit about balancing low elo so stay there in bronze. Riot: "He's crossed the OP line we are nerfing him" Cry me a river. It's a shame they made a rad skin for you guys just for you to move to Yasuo after the nerfs. Zed IS freelo when his "full" combo is to miss all his 3 shurikens, R+E + duskblade auto and ignite killing you with electrocute which is primary point and click. Remember back in season 4 when his combo was W+R+E+Bilgewater cutlass(tiamat)+hit more than two shurikens+auto+ ignite. And you had to do it perfectly. You were praised by your team when you got a clean kill. But now nobody bats a eye because they already EXPECT you to get a kill.
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