Why Tank Items Suck

**1.) Buying them in lane is a wash.** {{item:3068}} is the only exception to this and only tanks and ex-bruisers can feasibly invest in it. Buying any purely defensive items accomplishes nothing in lane. Any champion that first buys a tank item hits like a wet noodle, pushes like an enchanter and tickles objectives. In a meta so focused on accomplishing things quickly, these items accomplish nothing early on bar making champions more annoying to takedown. They could use anything to support them in this blazing fast meta - bonus on-hit minion damage like Doran's items, bonus tower damage, anything. Even a pinch of Adaptive Force would go a long way for some of these items as it would make laning with them much more viable. **2.) Not one of them has even _remotely_ cost-effective stats.** Not a single one; arguably even including their passives and actives many of them still aren't worth their gold. Thornmail's stats are worth a whopping 2267 for its 2900 price tag - not even 75% of its value. No other items are remotely like this - I just looked up Redemption while double-checking this as I don't play support and it is apparently worth over 107% of its cost in pure stats, not counting its passive or teamwide heal. **Giving Thornmail 50 more health or 10 more armor won't tear LoL asunder and bring back tank Kha'Zix!** **3.) They accomplish nothing on their own.** Cooldown rotations dominate all tiers of play save maybe Bronze and Iron. Not dying to an enemy team's rotation requires a whole lot more work than it used to. Despite that, the items that are supposed to be specifically good at keeping champions alive are completely ineffective at it by themselves on virtually every champion. There are no tank items for dueling. There are no tank items for taking X less damage from target champions. There are no tank items with actives that are self-heals/shields. The only general exceptions are {{item:3053}} , {{item:3193}} and {{item:3715}} , none of which the majority of tanks themselves can afford to invest in while staying relevant unlike champions who barely even touch pure defensive items. Tank items don't need an overhaul - they need a boost, and there needs to be more of them. This is not about tank meta; this is about choosing between getting one-shot and hitting like an old grandma. People buying more defensive stats should never feel like they got gypped or like they're trolling save buying MR vs. all AD teams. Maybe it will take until Season 11 or beyond to fix this but hopefully not nearly that long; these are changes that have had a long time coming already.
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