[suggestion] Make Barrier shield twice as Strong for half the duration

Barrier is a summoner spell that is a self-targeted spell that shields your champion from damage for 2 seconds. Strategy Barrier is great for absorbing the burst of enemy champions. As much as a squishy mid-lanner as much a tanky top-lanner, Barrier, if used at the right moment, will save from tough situations.
Barrier currently gives X amount of shields for two seconds, and this spell certainly has its uses, compared to heal. However to further differentiate this spell from heal at a strategic level, I propose we double the shield but halve the duration. Therefore it will provide a HUGE shield for only one second. This will make using barrier much better if you can time it properly. You would choose barrier if you're gonna suddenly take a lot of burst dmg (counter assassins). However to outplay this , the enemy just needs to wait for a sec and then continue their dmg. What do you guys think? I think this will provide barrier a cool niche and differtiate it from heal on a strategic level, allowing both spells to flourish depending on the needs of the user. I don't think this makes barrier too OP, but can reward skilled players by potentially mitigating a lot of dmg (good to counter burst assassins or tower dives) What do you guys think? Is this a good change for barrier or is it too OP in the hands of skilled players? Is there another change that's even better? EDIT: I used "double" for a super clickbait title. I'm not experienced in balancing, I"m not sure what the right numbers are. I just meant in general, as a concept, Barrier should have higher shields for a shorter duration to make it more niche and useful in different situations than heal (ie take barrier vs cait or jinx, but heal for extended trades etc). Just think about this idea as a general concept for barrier, rather than specific numbers.
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