The State of Lux

So for the first time since I've started playing league, Lux is finally at a good win rate for her, AND her support win rate is above 50%, while not surpassing her mid win rate. This is phenomenal. Rito's actually managed to balance her mid, and support for multiple elos. In bronze she has a 53% win rate, and in plat plus she has a 51.5. Its still sloped towards bronze being better for her, but it doesn't seem like such an overwhelming gap now, and her support win rate is actually HIGHER for higher elos. I'm hoping her win rate isn't found as oppressive, because she IS simpler champion to learn and get in to. I'd also like to say it feels really rewarding to have so much time on her, and I've been enjoying the buffs a lot. I'm actually really concerned Rito may just gut her randomly, praying that doesn't happen, and assuming it doesn't... You guys really knocked it out of the park in my opinion. She feels smoother to play, while still being Lux, and having clear cut weaknesses and strengths. A lot of people have complained about some balancing decisions, but I've got to say this is honestly amazing from the POV of a Lux support main. Really well done guys, 10/10 ~~would balance again.~~ pls dont touch my champ anymore
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