PSA: Do's and don'ts to have fun playing league of legends

If you want to have fun, Follow this list of dos and don't Do: Be cordial and respectful with ally and opponent alike. If someone isn't doing that well, lend them a hand and some encouragement, Harsh words will make them do worse. odds are they are mad at themselves too. When you have a lead, press the advantage to snowball objectives, turrets take priority when given the means and it is sufficiently safe to do so, Dragon And Baron Nashor are also valuable assets in achieving this goal of destroying the nexus Focus who you are able to catch out of position if you have sufficient damage to kill them at best you can severely wound them and they will be out of a fight As a Marksmen(adc) focus who you can attack safely, even if it's the tank, charging the enemy adc will just get you killed, leave that to an assassin. Adapt your builds and playstyle based on what you are fighting, is Zed blowing you up as twitch? {{item:3812}} this item is anti burst, use it well. Last hit minions Don't: Play when upset. Insult someone and call them a noob, trash etc, this adversely affects morale and can get you banned. Insist that you are not at fault for losing and blame others, no one is perfect and even professional players make mistakes, odds are, there is something you could've done better. Ask for advice, then refuse to take it. Duo or flex queue with someone if they have a habit of raging, even if they are a good player, someone calm and collected is most likely more receptive to feedback and willing to improve. Overextend(chase) for a kill. If you know you will need to go afk, be it work, School etc, please just take care of such things and play when you get home. Prioritize playing league over real life needs, eating, sleep, school, family needs ie a kid or younger sibling that may need your help, or significant other. Chase Singed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I understand that things in life happen that are unexpected, emergencies and such, and people will have to leave a game at some point. my point is knowing you will need to leave ahead of time and playing a game anyways.
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