This may sound like a rant, but...

So I played a couple of matches today (okay, well, maybe a bit more than a couple). There were two games where I had afks, one where the akali afked the entire game (but we couldn't remake because she was connected, but afk) and one where the nasus disconnected at 5 min and then the veigar decides to just afk after that. While there were certainly things my team and I could have done better, winning those games were near impossible because it was a 4v5 from the start (in the case of the game with the akali) or a 3v5. It kinda sucks how I lost two games because i was put at an immediate disadvantage of having not enough teammates to play against their team of 5. So here's what I'm suggesting: If anyone disconnects at any stage of the game before 20 minutes (the ff time), the team with the dc/afk can remake, the result being: 1. The winning team gets a victory, but only earn half the LP they would have gotten if they had won outright (because they only played 10 min or so) 2. The losing team (the team that remade) gets a loss, but only loses 3 - 5 LP (similar to a dodge) 3. The player(s) that disconnected/afked get a straight up loss (-20 LP avg) and receive some kind of punishment, such as not being able to queue up for 5-10 min or even getting placed into a lower priority queue. This may sound harsh, but I believe it's necessary. 4. If someone is in a promo/provisional match and wins via this method (the late remake), it counts as a win (lucky them) 5. If someone is on the losing team during a promo/prov during one of these matches, it is voided. 6. If the person that dcs/afks is in a promo, it still counts as a loss, with the above punishments being put into place as well. So here it is. Thoughts? Suggestions? I may sound like a low elo skrub crying about some of his matches with this but I think this is a legitimate concern. Losing because of an afk/dc sucks for everyone involved.
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