Energized damage should stack and maybe energized junglers?

The problem is that if you already have energized item, if you get another energized item you wont get anything. The price on Shard is also reduced but that did not fixed the issue. Lets say you got Stormrazor and you want to build shiv or Rapid Firecannon then you need Shard. Shard damage does not stack with Stormrazor therefor you get absolutely nothing Shiv itself does 60-140 damage based on level however if all energized items does 60 damgae on hit then Stormrazor, Shiv and firecannon together will do roughly 180 damage (60+60+60) and you end up with full energized build which goes with crit as well Each energized item will have specialty Stormrazor increases energized damage with slow effect Shiv applies it to 5 enemies Rapid Firecannon charges it faster ---- So why not energized Jungle item which I think will greatly benefit on-hit junglers since you can choose specific path that you scale with and potentially go full glass cannon? {{item:3715}} + {{item:2015}} 40% attack speed 30 magic damage on hit unique: moving and attacking grands charges and at 100 charges next basic attack deals additional energized damage to nearby enemies Such item will allow to go on-hit build, energized, crit build or even mixed build for full glass cannon. Such item will make basic attack junglers feel better since the item benefits from basic attacks only, be useful early game by having some miniburst for ganking lanes and scale into late with multi path options Example items that will go well with energized jungle item Energized / Crit example: {{item:3087}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} Shiv, Stormrazor, Firecannon. Infinity on-hit example: {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3115}} Bork, Rageblade, Wit's End, Nashor's Tooth, (maybe Triforce?)
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