[Bronze player] About LeBlanc

I'm going to share some thoughts I have about LeBlanc. I'm rather new to League, I have been playing for 5-ish months. Started playing LeBlanc a month ago and I absolutely love her. But I'm seeing a lot of people saying she is broken, which I feel is far from being the case. Yes she can one shot squishies, but so can all other assassins? I mean there's so many things that people don't seem to take into account? **Waveclear:** She literally gets outshove by EVERY midlaner. Her waveclear is the shittiest I've ever seen. Her attack speed is slow af, her W has high cooldown and does no damage to minions early, and her mana costs are ridiculously high. This results in her being pushed under turret and possibly missing farm. By the time you finally cleared the wave, your opponent has already recalled, bought items and is back in lane. Then either you stay in lane and never get items, or you back and miss farm, again. I find this quite ironic as she's supposed to be an "early game roamer" but her waveclear makes it very hard to do so. **Being safe:** She is a safe champ only when RUNNING AWAY (W, RW, flash). My point is she has to give up damage if she wants to stay safe, or to give up safety if she wants to do damage. LeBlanc cannot one shot you AND stay safe at the same time. After casting W, no matter how fast you spam to go back to your position, there's some sort of small delay during which you can get CCed. I've always found it very clunky how you can't instantly teleport back, despite using quick cast. But I guess this gives a window for counterplay. **The tether:** It's a skillshot. Just dodge it. LeBlanc's snare is much more difficult to land than Lux's, and yet nobody complains about Lux's snare. And you can outplay LeBlanc with any champ that has high mobility like Fizz or even Ekko. She might bully you the first 3 levels but after that you can trade back without taking damage from W. As specified in the title, I'm a Bronze player. Maybe my experience is different from players in higher elos, but I still don't think she's broken. High elo players can make any champ broken tbh.
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