Sorry, you can't have solo queue.

Inb4 massive downvotes Alright, with the announcement of these new ranked badges for solo/dynamic/team play I'm seeing a lot of posts from people who aren't happy and still want solo queue. Well, sorry but you're not going to get it. Do you even understand why making a separate solo queue now would be a terrible idea? Dynamic queue was designed for friends to be able to play ranked together, and that's obviously the direction riot wants to the game to go. With this in mind, just think about what solo queue would do to dynamic queue. If you implement a strictly solo queue system as an alternative to dynamic queue then EVERY SINGLE solo player would use it when playing alone. Think about it, why would anyone play in dynamic queue if they're playing solo when a solo queue option exists? Knowing that this is the situation, creating a solo queue alternative would completely destroy dynamic queue. Think about this, if a 4 person group queues up in dynamic queue they have to be matched with a solo player. However, if there's a solo queue matchmaking system, who the fuck is that 4 person group going to get queued up with? There will be ZERO solo players in dynamic queue for that group to get matched with, which means their queue time will be incredibly high. It will probably take half an hour before that group finds some random solo player who accidentally queued up for dynamic queue. By creating a solo queue option and removing almost all solo players from the dynamic queue matchmaking system, you will increase the queue times for every group in dynamic queue. Groups of 3 won't be able to get matched with 2 solo players, two duos won't be able to get matched with a single solo player, and as I said already groups of 4 won't be able to get matched with a solo player either. This effectively reduces dynamic queue to a ranked 5s mode where only 5 man groups will ever get matched against other 5 man groups with any reasonable speed. Bottom line, riot wants players to be able to queue with any number of friends when playing ranked and this is a reasonable direction to take the game in my opinion. If you don't like it, get some friends or just don't play.
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