Riot team read this asap

I will make it simple and understandable, riot team need to find a way to fix ranking system because of this two problems . 1- if someone afks and we lose the game becuse outnumbered why do 4 memebers have to suffer lp and mmr loss becuse of these trolls ( most of the afkers are tilted players who just stand in base or just dc in the first minutes of the game) 2- playing against a smurf yes i can hold my ground and not feed but if the twitch master player jungling and deleted every lane and make them obsolete losing cs and levels it would become so unfair in low elos . Either ban ranked afker from playing ranked for one week after two ranked afks so they will think twice before afking and next time they afk in ranked they get perma ban . And for smurfs give them huge lp so they go to thier actual rank if u see them winning atleast 10 games in a row with a very high kda or do it your way of system . Please fix this two problems it hold many of enjoying the game and ranking altogether

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