@Meddler could wukong be a possible candidate for a "mini-rework"?

Wukong has a very straight forward and powerful and kit but some parts of it has aged like sun-dried concrete cheese. His kit is powerful from a sheer number standpoint however theres not a lot of room for some of the aspects highly valued on newer ability kits such as "expression of skill/mastery" or "meaningful counterplay" .just to clarify I don't think Wukong is too strong or too weak I just think that a lot of his kit simply is not up to snuff compared to other champions. Wukongs skirmish pattern is very basic to the point that he is practically a sequence caster (E into close range land a Q to shred armor and get to spinning!). Everything is targeted more or less which really eliminates the room for interesting game elements . His passive is largely uninteresting and is simply "free stats" . His W skill and clone is very "clunky" in-game. If you already have minion aggro but create a clone minions will de-aggro and continue moving forward instead of immediately switching aggro to the clone W also used to be a great juke tool back when he first came out but now very keen players will realize when you use it due to a very subtle idle-reset animation that happens thus you are mostly relegated to using clone as a way to deny counter trades in lane or get a free stealthed initiation from around the corner very similar to Shaco. As salt on the wound just look at all the things {{champion:7}} clone can do in comparison ! Walking at people, auto attacking AND mimicking spells? Could such technology not be incorporated into Wukongs W to make it a more impactful and believable skill E is a simple targeted gap closer more or less that grants attack speed. Sadly unlike the other gapclosers it doesn't interact with other champions or environment significantly . no resets on kill{{champion:39}} ,no snare stun or taunt {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:89}} no wall bouncing or traversing {{champion:245}} {{champion:164}} , not even a pitiful slow{{champion:5}}. Its just a gap closer plain and simple with a steroid on top. I guess its supposed to be semi-confusing due to the 2 clones he also sends out but they disappear immediately and Wukong doesn't even flicker out on use so its really obvious which target he chose. R is his most powerful skill but falls to the same drawback many other "channeled spin" attacks that have existed on character in MOBAs over the years and that is the ever looming question of "Am I putting out the most DPS I possibly can? Would simply auto attacking this person instead of spinning on them yield more DPS?" For instance If I went full crit "assassin Wukong" you get really mixed feelings on this spell and tend to use it exclusively for a knock-up or to escape after a assassination attempt. In other words this ultimate doesn't support all physical damage focused builds equally. Anyways all in all I think Wukongs is Ripe with potential and He should be looked at.
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