My Problem with Shyvana

{{champion:106}} I played a Voli jungle game yesterday in which I went 6/0/0 in the early game, ganking every lane and snowballing the fuck out of them. Shyvana barely appeared out of her jungle, but despite my efforts my lanes were still not doing too well. I thought, whatevs we can still win, I'm fed. But once she did appear from the jungle she was so fucking strong. The amount of tankiness and damage she has in the early game with just challenging smite and devourer is ridiculous. All she did was farm, and she kept up with me in experience with 6/0 Volibear. I thought the downsides of buying devourer was to sacrifice early game for late game scaling. At least with Yi, Xin, and Jax, I can just flip them into my team and bite them dead. That game I went chilling smite cinderhulk and did what tank junglers are supposed to do. Snowball lanes and dominate the early game as intended before they fall off late game. But even then, Shyvana was always tankier by just buying bruiser items. I don't know what the issue is here. Maybe its her innate armor/health scaling or something but eventually we lost cause my adc decided to back in a bush mere feet away from the enemy team (and their superior team comp). If you guys have any tips against Shyvana as Voli jungler, please feel free to chip in. My ideas were maybe to just go devourer myself and dominate with Guinsoos (like Trick), or to go tracker's knife and counter jungle more.
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