State of Lux

So I realize I might be hated for this or branded as a "no skill player," but it feels like Lux is in an absolutely horrible state at the moment. I've tried various items builds/runes on her but it really doesn't seem like anything is working. Ever since the item rework I feel like her powerspike has just been absolutely shot down. Not only is a lot of her early game damage gone -- The old Morello gave way more AP for 300/400 gold less and while I get that archangel's scales to give more and AP in the end it doesn't help her take advantage of the early game before people get MR/Zhonyas/CC removal. The shield once fully stacked is nice but that takes a while and it's really not that needed on a long range mage. Luden's is nice but it's so expensive to build compared to the old Morello's. You make up 200 gold and the AP on Rabadon, but that's not until a second or third item at best and by then her mid game sniper spike is gone. She can't wave clear and she can't one shot anyone anymore. I'm not one to like to rely on win rates either but she's currently 39th/41st for mid laners. The only two worse are Zoe (whose getting buffs and is a mess as it is) and Lucian (who definitely needs some love but isn't exactly a mid primary). Anyone have thoughts on how to go about buffing her without making her completely unhealthy?
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