Fixing leavers in games, The Hero Program

I have been playing MOBAs for many years, they have always had their many ups and downs. A certain "down" with League of Legends has always stuck out, players leaving/AFKing. I have come up with, what i believe to be a good solution to this problem. While also being beneficial to victims of leavers, players wanting to help, and people who accidentally lose connection. The solution is simple, allow summoners with good honor status to queue for a game in need of help. When their queue pops, they are brought into the in progress game to take over for the player until they return, or the game finishes. The original player after reconnecting would enter a brief spectator mode on their Champion. After that moment, once the temp exits combat he will be placed back in control, and the match will resume as normal. Providing the temp Summoner with compensation for their time, as per a normal game. (Blue/Orange essence, key fragments, EXP etc.) This will solve many problems at once i believe, providing summoners with a pure motive to gain and withhold a good honor status. All while helping players in need! Honors mean a lot to some of us summoners, along with sportsmanship, I know that these players could utilize this as a tool to help grow and strengthen our community to its best potential. There are many details that i will take time to go over, such as leavers in Ranked, which to many is infuriating. Losing a game due to a leaver, then watching your LP drop feels like being kicked while your down. This program with give players that helping hand they need, to get their team back on their feet and fighting for that Nexus! While many players would love to help in such situations, the problem is their potential in such games. In my opinion, summoners who want to queue for this program, have the option to opt into ranked queues as well. They must have a **similar rank**, and should be able to compete on their level. This is to avoid leavers being replaced by what would feel like a smurf, and high ranked players from feeling sand-bagged. The honor system is crucial to this program, these summoners will be dropped into a already hectic or tense situation. Summoners with proven commendations of honorable game play would be best fitted to be the stand in. They have shown reliability, sportsmanship, and overall good conduct. With this program, we could really impact and grow our community even stronger, and prosper together! As Galio says, "Time to make an impact!" {{champion:3}}
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