The 1/4 level 6 brand misses his skillshots then presses ER ignite on me for 900 damage

Nice champion rito. Oh and dont forget that if he lands one stun on you at level 2, you are going to die. Edt: y'all need to realize that brand has a passive and that minion waves exist Edit 2: for everyone who says im exaggerating >EkyonKun (NA) >-snipped out the math part bc its long af- >Summon Aery = Between 804-867 total post-mitigation damage >Arcane Comet = Between 832-895 total post-mitigation damage >Electrocute = Between 901-963 total post-mitigation damage >Then add around 50 post mitigation physical damage for however many auto attacks he gets off. If you don't flash away it's probably at least two. So he can do around 1000 TOTAL POST-MITIGATION damage at level 6 with this build after whiffing his W and Q.

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