Counterplay and skill has gone completely out the window

When's the last time riot actually considered counterplay for a champ alongside how fun the champ is to play? They're obsessed with cooler looking mechanics to draw in more players and money, but we end up with design that is just absolutely toxic and has no counterplay. I've felt like there was seasons in the past with bad balance, mostly based on numbers, but this season, with all of the newer champs filling the game, it feels like every game there are a couple champs that just have no counterplay. And it doesn't stop at champs. Several items just have none either. And no, simply saying, "the counterplay to that champ is picking this champ." If 1 champ in league is the only counterplay to a champ, that's busted. It is not fun to lose a game because every champ on their team has a slow. Does it take skill to just rush 5 down the middle, after losing every lane, and just slow everyone and peel til they're dead? No. And why can't we stop it? Because there is nothing like a QSS to get rid of perma slows. They are absolutely toxic. That's just one example out of dozens. This game has gone to complete crap. If it were like this when I started playing, I would have been playing DOTA 2 all this time and laughing at how crap league is. Nobody that hasn't already invested thousands of hours in league would play this over a different MOBA. It is plain and simple, not the best MOBA around anymore. Some would argue that DOTA 2 was always better, but league had certain features that made it better. Now this game is just unplayable. This game is just pure garbage. Riot does not care an ounce about the balance of their game, or the competitiveness of Solo Queue. Another note, in what universe is it a good idea to make drake RNG? Oh ya, no way that could diminish the skill element. And you gotta love the plants they added just to make it harder to punish mistakes. No, it's not an outplay when you're getting punished for a mistake and you click a plant to send you over the wall and escape. I get what they were going for, hey maybe it works well in the LCS, seeing as that's all they care about, but it is just god awful in Solo Queue. Every year this game gets worse and worse for solo players. Riot, you are worse than EA when it comes to respecting and listening to your fans. No one but you and your wallets gives a crap about skins; we want a game that isn't a complete joke. Too bad it looks like we'll never see that again.

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