I'm really sick of this game and how it keep judging my performance in solo queue on others

I started playing league last year and ended season in silver, but man this season ohh boy now just one person is enough to ruin your whole game and make you lose lp endless. Top or Mid or ADC or Jg, once they lose control and fed enemy ohh boy no matter how good you did you always lose cause of that. My games all today either someone play Ez adc and just to get S on Ez , so he ignore us and keep farming jg all game then come at the end and cost us game cause their adc jinix did reach late game. Like dude let's get S in ranked and screw other players cause of that, lost lp and moved on. And then 3 times i get mid laner without map awareness, feeding his laner and cost us game cost me more lp even if i did well in top side. Etc, etc , etc and worst of all i keep losing lp all day cause of that. Honestly that is the worst game that judge people performance in "Solo/duo" on a team performance yet their "Solo" performance doesn't get in count , i already feel like quitting after one year of playing this game cause i keep dunked down in ranks and lp just cause players that want to try new champion in ranked, or get S and screw us over, or just don't care about game, or just don't care about the stupid meta.
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