Riot Appreciation Thread / Boards Meme Mythbusters

(no, this is not a sarcastic thread title) So there's a meme around these parts. Gameplay in specific, that Riot doesn't communicate. Fair. I've spread that particular one a few times more than once after feeling like I was ignored. (I'm posting this in the Gameplay section since, tbqh, Gameplay is the section that needs to see this the most - some leniency from the mods here would be greatly appreciated ^^) I've used the red tracker a few times, but, until today, I didn't notice how far back it goes. It looks like I could just keep clicking on "See More" and find threads all day long. So I thought - okay, let's put this meme to the test. It would be pretty easy to go back.. say.. 6 months, copy and paste the contents of the tracker, and then graph out exactly how much participation from various red names we have around here, and where! # MYTH #1 : Riot doesn't participate The data from the Red Tracker shows 1,848 posts or comments from Rioters (read: people with red names) in the last 6 months. ## On average, that works out to 10 posts per day. Quick and easy. Myth totally busted. # MYTH #2: Riot doesn't participate when it comes to issues that impact the game (as opposed to silly stuff like memes) Admittedly, I was not expecting this result. If we take our red tracker data and split it out by comments per board: We see the two most-participated boards are SAS (Story, Art, & Sound) with 702 posts, and DC (Dev Corner) with a pleasing 555 posts GET. These two boards absolutely dwarf the others by comparison. Further mention to the Live Incident Breakdown boards with 235 red posts. Now as if this myth weren't busted enough, Memes&Games had a grand total of NINE red posts in the last 6 months. Conclusion: Riot isn't ignoring you to meme it up with Laughing Fish's high-quality gifs. Myth busted. So much for boards memes. # Shout outs You can say what you want about **Meddler**, but don't you dare say he isn't active. Meddler is the single most prolific poster on the boards, accounting for 370 individual posts within the last 6 months, almost all of those in Dev Corner in his regular "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" threads. Honorable mention goes to **Waarghbobo** with 230 posts.
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